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Save Money with Our Energy Saving Tips

AC Heating Energy Savings
  • Install a Programmable Thermostat
  • Upgrade to Energy Efficient HVAC Systems
  • Seal, Repair or Replace Your Ductwork
  • Schedule Routine HVAC Maintenance
  • Change Filters Regularly

Energy Saving Tips for Heating and Air Conditioning Systems

For most Inland Valley homes, heating and air conditioning costs account for nearly half of their monthly energy bills; that means that lowering those costs could have a significant impact on their budgets. As Carrier- and NATE-trained HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) experts with years of experience, we have learned that there are a number of things you can do to save money on your utility bills. The following tips are all relatively easy to implement, but highly effective at reducing your energy usage. If you have any questions about our energy saving tips, just give us a call.

Start with these easy steps

Simply closing or opening your shades, curtains and awnings when appropriate allows you to naturally control your indoor temperature. During the summer, keep rooms shaded; and during the winter, let sunlight naturally warm your home. Also, consider using a fan -- they use a lot less energy than air conditioners and can help circulate cool air from outside. When you do run your air conditioner or furnace, check that none of your vents are blocked and all of your doors and windows are properly closed.

Change the temperature setting on your thermostat

You can reduce your energy use by setting your thermostat to a moderate temperature. Even a change of one or two degrees can make a significant difference on your monthly bills.

Consider upgrading to a programmable thermostat

Any standard thermostat can be upgraded to a programmable one. Programmable thermostats can be preset to turn off your heater or air conditioner at times when you know you will not be home. This ensures that you aren't cooling or heating your home when you're not there and unnecessarily running up your energy bill.

Click here to learn about our range of Carrier thermostats.

Service your air conditioning and heating system regularly

One of the best ways to become more energy efficient is to regularly schedule air conditioning and heating maintenance. Most residential air conditioners and furnaces require annual tune-ups. A tuneup allows your system to operate more efficiently while improving its performance. A more efficient system translates into reduced energy usage and increased savings on your energy bills.

Steve's Service provides San Bernardino residents with expert preventative maintenance services at affordable rates. We even offer maintenance plans for additional cost savings.

Keep your HVAC system clean

Between maintenance visits, it helps to keep your heating and air conditioning system clean. We can show you how to check and change your filters as well as how to remove debris and clean the outdoor coils. Give us a call; you can reach a live person 24 hours a day.

Maintain your air ducts

If your ductwork is not properly sealed and insulated, your air conditioning and heating system is likely working much harder than it should. By sealing, repairing, or replacing your leaking air ducts, you'll make your HVAC system more energy-efficient and likely save more money in the long run.

Invest in energy-efficient heating and air conditioning systems

Did you know that today's air conditioners and furnaces are nearly twice as efficient as older models? If you have an older furnace or air conditioner, investing in a new energy-efficient Carrier system could dramatically lower your energy bills as well as possibly qualify you for tax credits and rebates. Talk to one of our HVAC experts about whether replacing or upgrading your system would be a cost-effective solution for you. We offer honest advice and free estimates on all installations.


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