For the Best Value, Join Our ESA Club Membership

In order to accommodate Carrier air conditioner and heater/furnace owners with different needs and budgets, we offer the ESA Club Membership at four different levels. The most basic level is a great value and a good choice for Carrier heater/furnace and air conditioner owners on a tight budget. We will perform one annual air conditioner or furnace/heater maintenance visit, including a comprehensive inspection and thorough cleaning of your Carrier system.

The more comprehensive plans are an even better value; they include more Carrier maintenance visits per year, and the price per visit goes down at each higher level of membership. In addition, the more comprehensive Carrier maintenance plans come with extras at no additional cost, including the following: a full plumbing inspection; 15% off all air conditioning, heating, and plumbing repairs; a water heater inspection, including draining the water heater and checking the shut-off valve; free Freon; and no after hours charge.

Energy Savings Agreement (ESA) Membership Levels

Appointments can be scheduled up to six weeks in advance.

Carrier Air Conditioning Maintenance Checklist

On a Carrier air conditioner maintenance visit, we provide comprehensive tune-up and cleaning service, including the following:

A Complete 23-point Air Conditioner Tune-Up

  1. Clean condenser coils.
  2. Clean the blower (not pull).
  3. Check inside blower for dirt in cabinet.
  4. Remove debris in and around outside unit.
  5. Check and lubricate motor and bearings.
  6. Inspect outdoor AC unit and indoor evaporator coil for Freon leaks.
  7. Check condition of condensation drain pan and drain line.
  8. Check and clean or replace air filter.
  9. Check and calibrate thermostat.
  10. Check for motor voltage and amp draw.
  11. Check compressor starting and running amps.
  12. Check for all safety controls (limits roll out).
  1. Check points on 240v main contactor.
  2. Check refrigerant charge in system.
  3. Check all electrical connections.
  4. Visually inspect fins on condenser coil.
  5. Check temperature drop across indoor evaporator coil.
  6. Check condenser fuse disconnect box.
  7. Inspect ductwork for air leaks, poor insulation, and dirt around insulation.
  8. Confirm proper return air size.
  9. Check for proper airflow in system.
  10. Check overall condition of system.
  11. Inspect condenser and indoor evaporator coil for Freon leaks and oil traces.
Heating System Maintenance Checklist:

On a Carrier heater/furnace maintenance visit, we provide comprehensive tune-up and cleaning service, including the following:

A Complete 18-point Heating Tune-Up

  1. Check and calibrate thermostat operation.
  2. Check condition of electrical wiring.
  3. Check operation of gas pressure and controls.
  4. Check for proper flue gas venting.
  5. Check for operation of blower controls.
  6. Check and clean or replace air filters.
  7. Lubricate blower motor and check condition of induced motor and sensor.
  8. Check for accessible gas shut-off valve.
  9. Check for flexible gas connector operation.
  1. Test for carbon monoxide at furnace.
  2. Check operation of limit controls.
  3. Inspect burners and nox rods.
  4. Adjust air mixture on burners for clean combustion.
  5. Check seal at base of furnace.
  6. Check for air leakage at plenum above furnace (insulation).
  7. Inspect ductwork for air leaks, poor insulation, and dirt around insulation.
  8. Clean and seal outer surface of furnace.
  9. Clean return air grill, vacuum space around furnace.
Plumbing Inspection Checklist:

If you choose a Carrier annual maintenance plan at one of the higher membership levels, you'll also receive a free plumbing inspection (upon request). During the plumbing inspection, we'll do the following:

A Complete 17-point Plumbing Inspection

  1. Inspect all toilets for leaks at base, and supply lines.
  2. Check toilet lines.
  3. Check toilet inside for operations.
  4. Inspect all faucets and sinks for operation.
  5. Check sink supply lines.
  6. Check faucet for drips or leaks.
  7. Inspect tub for operation.
  8. Check for drips at tub valve.
  9. Check shower head for leaks and drips.
  1. Check drain flow and spout.
  2. Inspect laundry connections.
  3. Check laundry drain flow.
  4. Check water heater pilot and vent.
  5. Check for air leakage at plenum above furnace.
  6. Check water heater for leaks and shut off.
  7. Inspect all exterior plumbing.
  8. Hose bibs and clean outs.

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